maandag 17 januari 2011

Hello again!

Hi everybody,

Just a short update.

I am currently closed for commissions but will be taking them later on again. I can't say when yet.
First thing to do is finishing my waiting list. Everyone who should've heard from me but didn't: Please contact me. It's possible I forgot about you, even though I promised to do a commission for you. There is a list that I made, and I will try contacting everybody next week. My apologies for the chaos. Due to the holidays and sudden deadlines I had trouble keeping up.

The prices of my face-ups have been updated.
Everyone who already contacted me about a commission which I agreed to do, will of course pay the old fees (40 Euros for puki sized, 50 euros for Yo-SD sized, and 60 euros for MSD & SD). I hope you will understand that I had to raise my prices.

Last but not least:
I decided to stop taking commissions via Triskel Fantasy Shop.
It was becoming too much to work on, and I had trouble combining it with my regular job.
So from now on, commissions won't be taken via Triskel anymore. :)

Kind Regards,