donderdag 31 december 2009

For the Customers of CCC waiting for an update

I am emailing every customer of CCC now to let them know that I almost finished most of the face-ups.
I am working on more face-ups at the same time, so they are about to be finished. Some of them are already finished, but those were the dolls for the customers who ordered more then one.
Just some last touches like glueing eyelashes, freckles and gloss and they are done :)
But I haven't been able to finish them in time.
Originally I wanted to finish them and photograph them before today, but it wasn't a possible goal. Also due to the Holidays. From january 1st until january 5th I will be away for a short vacation.
When I come back I will immediately start finish the face-ups. I expect it takes one or two days. I will make photos for every customer and email them, and after that they need to be sent back to Charles. Then he will make sure everybody gets the eyes, accessories and boxes that might or might not be part of your order and ship them to you.
I am trying hard to work faster for you all, because I know you are all waiting for some period of time. I want to say that I am very thankful for your patience until now.

I hope your Holidays have been great, and I wish you all a great 2010.

Talk to you soon!

Kind Regards,


woensdag 16 december 2009

Face-update - Dollmore Mary Pearce face-up + CCC face-ups

Hi again,

I just uploaded some photos of a new face-up I did on a Dollmore Mary Pearce.
A kinda manly woman with an arrogant look. Perhaps a bit creepy ;)

Click for More

I am also working on the CCC creatures face-ups.
But for the people waiting, please bare with me, because there are 15 face-ups I have to finish. I got them all at one time, so it's a huge task.

Current projects:
CP Nanuri girl - halfway face-up
CCC Fuuga Firefly of Lana - just started
CCC Yuki Bouhatei of Robin - just started

Okay, back to work ;)

See ya soon.

vrijdag 27 november 2009

Emailed and updated :)

Hi again,

I have emailed everybody back as far as I know.
If I didn't, please let me know.

It has been hard to keep up with the emails, and I am going to try again from now on.
I think I have cleaned up most of my tasks haha.

Gosh and they were many.

I am not taking slots for januari anymore. If you have been emailed, I am willing to take you for januari. All the new emails will probably have to wait for februari. I can't take so many of you *^__^*

Thanks so much for your interest though. It's been really giving me a good feeling about my face-ups :D

Once I've heard who is on the list, and who wants to decline, I will update the list here in this blog.

Oww and here is a link to my latest work: Click



zondag 22 november 2009

RE:sponding to emails this upcoming week ^^

Hi everyone.

Still sticking to my previous post ;)
But I just wanted to inform you that coming week I will take my time in responding to your emails. I have a large bunch of emails that I haven't been able to reply to the last few weeks. Just no time, and then I keep postponing. I hope to get that all done this week. And I am also working on updating on some projects. So if you are awaiting mail from me, please be a littlebit patient, because I will get back to you.
It's just that I am still busy with stuff, and I need to organise some tasks first haha. It's chaos again, mostly due to the big amount of face-up requests I received the last couple of months. You guys really blew my head off haha. (In a good way though, I am really happy that you appreciate my work so much *^___^* )

Sooo until the next update



dinsdag 17 november 2009

Hi, I'm back - sorta

Hi there,

Time for a little update.

This Monday I finally finished the 'big project. I encountered some delays with the publisher so my whole schedule has been messed up since. It has been hard to reach the deadline, and I literally worked day and night. Not healthy, but it had to be finished. So I may have been a bit absent with updating the projects I was working on. But people have been notified.

I am currently finishing these projects:
- Miyu Chest mod
- AOD manicure/pedicure
- Ltf Ante
- Mnf El
- Volks Irvin
- Planetdoll Mini Riz face-up
- CP Nanuri mod and face-up

Thanks for your patience, it's really appreciated!!

And soon I will start some promised projects

- Dollmore Mary Pearce
- (possible) Volks William and another for the same person.
- CP Chiwoo
- Puki puki chichi

These were people who asked me a long long time ago, and have been so patient ever since. I am not sure if I am going to take up more face-up commissions right now. I am really really sorry, but I don't have much time because of a new upcoming design project, and I also kinda need my rest haha. I am still beaten from my last project. It has been quite busy.

I hope people will understand, but I might not take more commissions until January so I have some time to spend with my family during the December (holidays and lots and lots of birthdays, lol. They all seem to fall in the same month). That way I won't have to tell people to wait too long.

Thanks for your understanding.

Kind Regards,


woensdag 4 november 2009

Again an update :P

Copy/Paste from my website, but I thought it wouldn't hurt to post it here as well ^^

Dear people,
I am currently not accepting face-up commissions. That's because I am working on a big project that has been delayed unexpectedly. Currently, I am not sure when I can accept new commissions again. It depends on a couple of circumstances.
Please don't email me with questions about re-opening or emailing you back personally. I receive too many emails at the moment, and I am due to forget to reply to some. I will keep my blog updated about it.
My apologies for any inconvenience. I am currently not able to reply to emails. I hope for your understanding.

In the mean time I am of course still working bit by bit on the projects that have been sent to me already.

Kind Regards,

maandag 26 oktober 2009

still no time for new commissions

Hi again, ^_^

After some new requests I decided to update my blog, which I hadn't been able to recently. But I have to disappoint some of you because I am still not available for commissions. I just can't combine it right now.
New commission slots will probably be available in about three weeks. This is still due to the big design-project I am working on. I really cannot combine them at the moment *^__^* Though I wish it was possible.
I expect to have time for new commissions in the second or maybe third week of november, depending on circumstances.

I hope to be able to answer some emails tonight. I just returned from a doll event which we attended with our shop. So I haven't been able to answer my emails last week and a half :P

I hope for your understanding.
Kind Regards,


zondag 27 september 2009

Face-update: Minimee cat face + modded Soom Gena

New face-ups:
My first face-ups that are done mostly with airbrush. Hehe it took me a while to figure out what paint was best to use. But in the end it worked out I think ^^

Minimee Cat Face:


modded Soom Gena.
She was not modded by me, though I helped a little bit.
She has elven ears, a smaller nose and smaller lips now. Her eyes are also modded a little so they became more equal :)


Currently working on:
- Supia Yisol
- Mnf Shushu

vrijdag 25 september 2009

Emails send out + about taking commissions

Hi everyone,

Emails have been send out now, yaaay! Finally.
It was a lot of stuff to go through *^__^*
Sorry for letting you wait.

This weekend I will start face-upping some doll heads that I already have lying around here.

Next week I start working on a big illustrating project for a publisher. (I am illustrator/designer and do the face-ups in between commissions).
This means that I am currently not available for commissions much.
If you send me an email I will tell you to keep an eye on this blog because it's easier for me to update here and let you contact me whenever I can take up new slots, instead of doing it the other way around =3
I hope you understand ^^

Ok, so next posts I will probably update my latest commissions ;)

Also, if you have send a doll to me, and you would like to know the progress, you can keep an eye on my twitter page. I will try to keep it updated while working on the doll head(s).

Ok that's it for now.

See you later alligator (=geek lol)



dinsdag 22 september 2009

For people who are awaiting an email from me ^^

Sorry guys,

Still totally drowning in emails and request.
I need to find a way to organize things.

If you are waiting for an email, it's not that I am keeping you waiting on purpose. It's just that I cannot get up fast enough, lol.

Also, I was already a bit behind with replying because my computer was at the repair store. After I came back from my vacation, the computer was still not repaired. (The plan was to have it repaired during my vacation, so I wouldn't miss it.... of course things never go smooth when you want them to.)
I only got it back since last friday afternoon (and this weekend I have been absent from the computer because of events).
The passwords of the server email from our website are on this computer, and I couldn't remember them, so I couldn't get access to it. So stupid for not saving these passwords somewhere else instead of an email that was sent to that same email address. How ironice, lol.
So I could not log in to the webserver to read them.
I could of course read the normal emails on the webmail services and bjd fora and have been replying to them.

Sooo long story short; if I owe you a reply, please be a little more patient. I am trying to keep up and at the same time working on another project. Deadline is due Thursday, so it's a bit hectic. I hope to have replied to everyone Thursday evening.

My apologies.

Kind Regards


Blogging Sweetly Twisted

Hi everybody.

I decided to move to this weblog with my Sweetly Twisted Face-updates.

It's a bit more clear, and easy to update.
So from here I make a fresh start ^^

Please keep updated if you want to know about my whereabouts

Kind Regards,