zondag 22 november 2009

RE:sponding to emails this upcoming week ^^

Hi everyone.

Still sticking to my previous post ;)
But I just wanted to inform you that coming week I will take my time in responding to your emails. I have a large bunch of emails that I haven't been able to reply to the last few weeks. Just no time, and then I keep postponing. I hope to get that all done this week. And I am also working on updating on some projects. So if you are awaiting mail from me, please be a littlebit patient, because I will get back to you.
It's just that I am still busy with stuff, and I need to organise some tasks first haha. It's chaos again, mostly due to the big amount of face-up requests I received the last couple of months. You guys really blew my head off haha. (In a good way though, I am really happy that you appreciate my work so much *^___^* )

Sooo until the next update



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