zondag 27 september 2009

Face-update: Minimee cat face + modded Soom Gena

New face-ups:
My first face-ups that are done mostly with airbrush. Hehe it took me a while to figure out what paint was best to use. But in the end it worked out I think ^^

Minimee Cat Face:


modded Soom Gena.
She was not modded by me, though I helped a little bit.
She has elven ears, a smaller nose and smaller lips now. Her eyes are also modded a little so they became more equal :)


Currently working on:
- Supia Yisol
- Mnf Shushu

vrijdag 25 september 2009

Emails send out + about taking commissions

Hi everyone,

Emails have been send out now, yaaay! Finally.
It was a lot of stuff to go through *^__^*
Sorry for letting you wait.

This weekend I will start face-upping some doll heads that I already have lying around here.

Next week I start working on a big illustrating project for a publisher. (I am illustrator/designer and do the face-ups in between commissions).
This means that I am currently not available for commissions much.
If you send me an email I will tell you to keep an eye on this blog because it's easier for me to update here and let you contact me whenever I can take up new slots, instead of doing it the other way around =3
I hope you understand ^^

Ok, so next posts I will probably update my latest commissions ;)

Also, if you have send a doll to me, and you would like to know the progress, you can keep an eye on my twitter page. I will try to keep it updated while working on the doll head(s).

Ok that's it for now.

See you later alligator (=geek lol)



dinsdag 22 september 2009

For people who are awaiting an email from me ^^

Sorry guys,

Still totally drowning in emails and request.
I need to find a way to organize things.

If you are waiting for an email, it's not that I am keeping you waiting on purpose. It's just that I cannot get up fast enough, lol.

Also, I was already a bit behind with replying because my computer was at the repair store. After I came back from my vacation, the computer was still not repaired. (The plan was to have it repaired during my vacation, so I wouldn't miss it.... of course things never go smooth when you want them to.)
I only got it back since last friday afternoon (and this weekend I have been absent from the computer because of events).
The passwords of the server email from our website are on this computer, and I couldn't remember them, so I couldn't get access to it. So stupid for not saving these passwords somewhere else instead of an email that was sent to that same email address. How ironice, lol.
So I could not log in to the webserver to read them.
I could of course read the normal emails on the webmail services and bjd fora and have been replying to them.

Sooo long story short; if I owe you a reply, please be a little more patient. I am trying to keep up and at the same time working on another project. Deadline is due Thursday, so it's a bit hectic. I hope to have replied to everyone Thursday evening.

My apologies.

Kind Regards


Blogging Sweetly Twisted

Hi everybody.

I decided to move to this weblog with my Sweetly Twisted Face-updates.

It's a bit more clear, and easy to update.
So from here I make a fresh start ^^

Please keep updated if you want to know about my whereabouts

Kind Regards,