vrijdag 27 november 2009

Emailed and updated :)

Hi again,

I have emailed everybody back as far as I know.
If I didn't, please let me know.

It has been hard to keep up with the emails, and I am going to try again from now on.
I think I have cleaned up most of my tasks haha.

Gosh and they were many.

I am not taking slots for januari anymore. If you have been emailed, I am willing to take you for januari. All the new emails will probably have to wait for februari. I can't take so many of you *^__^*

Thanks so much for your interest though. It's been really giving me a good feeling about my face-ups :D

Once I've heard who is on the list, and who wants to decline, I will update the list here in this blog.

Oww and here is a link to my latest work: Click



zondag 22 november 2009

RE:sponding to emails this upcoming week ^^

Hi everyone.

Still sticking to my previous post ;)
But I just wanted to inform you that coming week I will take my time in responding to your emails. I have a large bunch of emails that I haven't been able to reply to the last few weeks. Just no time, and then I keep postponing. I hope to get that all done this week. And I am also working on updating on some projects. So if you are awaiting mail from me, please be a littlebit patient, because I will get back to you.
It's just that I am still busy with stuff, and I need to organise some tasks first haha. It's chaos again, mostly due to the big amount of face-up requests I received the last couple of months. You guys really blew my head off haha. (In a good way though, I am really happy that you appreciate my work so much *^___^* )

Sooo until the next update



dinsdag 17 november 2009

Hi, I'm back - sorta

Hi there,

Time for a little update.

This Monday I finally finished the 'big project. I encountered some delays with the publisher so my whole schedule has been messed up since. It has been hard to reach the deadline, and I literally worked day and night. Not healthy, but it had to be finished. So I may have been a bit absent with updating the projects I was working on. But people have been notified.

I am currently finishing these projects:
- Miyu Chest mod
- AOD manicure/pedicure
- Ltf Ante
- Mnf El
- Volks Irvin
- Planetdoll Mini Riz face-up
- CP Nanuri mod and face-up

Thanks for your patience, it's really appreciated!!

And soon I will start some promised projects

- Dollmore Mary Pearce
- (possible) Volks William and another for the same person.
- CP Chiwoo
- Puki puki chichi

These were people who asked me a long long time ago, and have been so patient ever since. I am not sure if I am going to take up more face-up commissions right now. I am really really sorry, but I don't have much time because of a new upcoming design project, and I also kinda need my rest haha. I am still beaten from my last project. It has been quite busy.

I hope people will understand, but I might not take more commissions until January so I have some time to spend with my family during the December (holidays and lots and lots of birthdays, lol. They all seem to fall in the same month). That way I won't have to tell people to wait too long.

Thanks for your understanding.

Kind Regards,


woensdag 4 november 2009

Again an update :P

Copy/Paste from my website, but I thought it wouldn't hurt to post it here as well ^^

Dear people,
I am currently not accepting face-up commissions. That's because I am working on a big project that has been delayed unexpectedly. Currently, I am not sure when I can accept new commissions again. It depends on a couple of circumstances.
Please don't email me with questions about re-opening or emailing you back personally. I receive too many emails at the moment, and I am due to forget to reply to some. I will keep my blog updated about it.
My apologies for any inconvenience. I am currently not able to reply to emails. I hope for your understanding.

In the mean time I am of course still working bit by bit on the projects that have been sent to me already.

Kind Regards,