donderdag 31 december 2009

For the Customers of CCC waiting for an update

I am emailing every customer of CCC now to let them know that I almost finished most of the face-ups.
I am working on more face-ups at the same time, so they are about to be finished. Some of them are already finished, but those were the dolls for the customers who ordered more then one.
Just some last touches like glueing eyelashes, freckles and gloss and they are done :)
But I haven't been able to finish them in time.
Originally I wanted to finish them and photograph them before today, but it wasn't a possible goal. Also due to the Holidays. From january 1st until january 5th I will be away for a short vacation.
When I come back I will immediately start finish the face-ups. I expect it takes one or two days. I will make photos for every customer and email them, and after that they need to be sent back to Charles. Then he will make sure everybody gets the eyes, accessories and boxes that might or might not be part of your order and ship them to you.
I am trying hard to work faster for you all, because I know you are all waiting for some period of time. I want to say that I am very thankful for your patience until now.

I hope your Holidays have been great, and I wish you all a great 2010.

Talk to you soon!

Kind Regards,


woensdag 16 december 2009

Face-update - Dollmore Mary Pearce face-up + CCC face-ups

Hi again,

I just uploaded some photos of a new face-up I did on a Dollmore Mary Pearce.
A kinda manly woman with an arrogant look. Perhaps a bit creepy ;)

Click for More

I am also working on the CCC creatures face-ups.
But for the people waiting, please bare with me, because there are 15 face-ups I have to finish. I got them all at one time, so it's a huge task.

Current projects:
CP Nanuri girl - halfway face-up
CCC Fuuga Firefly of Lana - just started
CCC Yuki Bouhatei of Robin - just started

Okay, back to work ;)

See ya soon.