woensdag 16 december 2009

Face-update - Dollmore Mary Pearce face-up + CCC face-ups

Hi again,

I just uploaded some photos of a new face-up I did on a Dollmore Mary Pearce.
A kinda manly woman with an arrogant look. Perhaps a bit creepy ;)

Click for More

I am also working on the CCC creatures face-ups.
But for the people waiting, please bare with me, because there are 15 face-ups I have to finish. I got them all at one time, so it's a huge task.

Current projects:
CP Nanuri girl - halfway face-up
CCC Fuuga Firefly of Lana - just started
CCC Yuki Bouhatei of Robin - just started

Okay, back to work ;)

See ya soon.

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