vrijdag 25 september 2009

Emails send out + about taking commissions

Hi everyone,

Emails have been send out now, yaaay! Finally.
It was a lot of stuff to go through *^__^*
Sorry for letting you wait.

This weekend I will start face-upping some doll heads that I already have lying around here.

Next week I start working on a big illustrating project for a publisher. (I am illustrator/designer and do the face-ups in between commissions).
This means that I am currently not available for commissions much.
If you send me an email I will tell you to keep an eye on this blog because it's easier for me to update here and let you contact me whenever I can take up new slots, instead of doing it the other way around =3
I hope you understand ^^

Ok, so next posts I will probably update my latest commissions ;)

Also, if you have send a doll to me, and you would like to know the progress, you can keep an eye on my twitter page. I will try to keep it updated while working on the doll head(s).

Ok that's it for now.

See you later alligator (=geek lol)



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