maandag 26 oktober 2009

still no time for new commissions

Hi again, ^_^

After some new requests I decided to update my blog, which I hadn't been able to recently. But I have to disappoint some of you because I am still not available for commissions. I just can't combine it right now.
New commission slots will probably be available in about three weeks. This is still due to the big design-project I am working on. I really cannot combine them at the moment *^__^* Though I wish it was possible.
I expect to have time for new commissions in the second or maybe third week of november, depending on circumstances.

I hope to be able to answer some emails tonight. I just returned from a doll event which we attended with our shop. So I haven't been able to answer my emails last week and a half :P

I hope for your understanding.
Kind Regards,


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