zaterdag 16 januari 2010

CCC dolls have been collected

Hi everyone,

Just an update again concerning the CCC dolls.
Charles came here last Thursday to collect the dolls. He is now going to prepare them to send them out. If you have questions about the dolls, please contact Charles. I am going to email you this personally tonight as well.

I am still awaiting email/instructions from miss Charity S (concerning her dreaming Bubu) and miss Thepprasitt for her CCC dolls. But I will only have time to work on these dolls now after Januari 24th because of a deadline and a doll fair that we are going to attend.

@ Els, I am going to mail you tonight with updates. Sorry for my late reply. I haven't been checking my email earlier because of being busy with your doll's head and a design commission ;)

Here are some images of the CCC dolls I've been giving a face-up.
Click here for more

Kind Regards,


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