zaterdag 9 januari 2010

Taking a Break from Face-ups

Hi Everyone,

After some pondering I decided to take a break from Face-ups for a while.
Of course I will still finish and start the commissions that were sent to me and the ones that I promised to do. But after that I am going to take this break.

At the moment I am receiving a lot of request, which is really wonderful. But lately it's getting too hard to combine it all with my normal work, which means I work crazy hours until late in the morning to work on both face-ups and designs and finish it all in time. It's making things extremely chaotic and deadlines are very hard to reach.

It's very hard to maintain my way of life physically+ it's not really healthy (or so everyone tells me) *^__^*
So at this point I had to make this difficult decision.

I also stop doing face-ups for Charles' Creatures Cabinet, though I know I am going to miss these. It's so nice to work on his dolls.
I might pick up face-ups for Charles again in the future.

At this point I don't know when I will start doing commissions again. I am not sure how long of a break I will need to take for now.
But I will let you all know via my blog, twitter, the Sweet Addiction forum and DOA

Thanks so much for your understanding <3



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